Output Messenger

Output Messenger V1.0.95

Private and Secure Instant Messenger for your Office

Private and Secure Instant Messenger for Office and Team

Output Messenger is an Intuitive, Easy-To-Use, Powerful Communication & Collaboration Tool that gives your team the freedom to be productive from anywhere, on any device. The software increases productivity by improving the way teams share files, manage projects, and communicate with each other in a professional manner. The software features are tailor-made to keep remote employees and multiple offices in sync, ultimately increasing productivity in the workplace and raising the overall quality of work across the organization. Employees can manage 1:1 Instant Messaging, Group Chat, Voice Call, Video Conferencing, File Transfer, Desktop Screen Sharing, Internal Mailing, Announcements, and Sticky Notes all from one easy-to-use program. Output Messenger provides the ability to converse with multiple people using three different types of messaging in groups and group chat, chat group, or chat room, according to user requirements. Guest Access brings your clients, freelancers, and other external parties into real-time chat with the team and eliminates lengthy email threads and time-consuming file sharing. Output Messenger cuts administrative expenses, saves on international calling costs, and reduces travel costs by allowing staff from various business sites to make voice & video calls and organize online video conferencing. The software provides cross platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android & Web) and seamlessly syncs messages across all devices. The software also offers rich options like Online Presence, Offline messaging, Off-the-Record Chat, Multiple Window Views, Chat Shortcuts, Preset Messages, Chat History Log, Active Director Integration, API for 3rd Party Integration, Delivery Notification, and Push Notifications for Mobile. The Chat Server appliance guarantees security, speed, and flexibility in configuring, customizing, and keeping sensitive data within the office environment. The use of TLS/SSL establishes a highly secure client-to-server connection to help provide data confidentiality and integrity between the client and the server. The software works within single and remote offices on LAN, WAN, VPN, Multiple Sub Networks, Terminal Service, and the Internet.

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Output Messenger


Output Messenger V1.0.95

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